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My Freedom VA Podcast

My Freedom Podcast Description 

For all the mental health professionals out there as well as those interested in working in mental health – this is your go to podcast for all things related to taking your career and business to the next level.

The My Freedom Podcast is here to give you all the necessary tools and information which you need in order to not only thrive in your mental health career, but to open a private practice, build, grow and sustain a successful business in the field.

Through conversations with successful entrepreneurs and professional in the mental health field, we want to inspire and provide valuable insight and wisdom so you can turn your mission to help the world with their mental health, into a thriving enterprise.

Our goal can be simply put – to share as much knowledge as possible so you can dream bigger, help your community and change the world around you as a mental health professional and business owner.

A little about your host Aaron Mallory:

Aaron Mallory is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of GRO Community. GRO Community, is a mental health service provider that specializes in trauma informed treatment for boys and men ages 5 and up from low socio-economic groups and/or black and brown communities. Aaron obtained his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and a Masters’ in Social Work from the University of Chicago. Aaron is also a licensed clinical social worker under the state of Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio regulatory boards.