My Freedom VA


Do you need more free time?

Working with our professional WEST AFRICAN Social Work or Mental Health Graduate Virtual Assistants, Mental Health Practitioners and Non-Profit Professionals gain up to 6 additional hours in their day.

Gain up to 6 additional hours and here’s how:

West African Virtual Assistants are available anytime during the day.

The time zone difference allows you to finish your day, assign tasks, and rest assured knowing that our highly trained virtual assistants are hard at work during non-traditional hours.

Get back time spent on administrative tasks, so you can return to work the next day refreshed, ready to review, and revamp for the next business day.

Meet deadlines increase productivity, all at a fraction of the average administrative costs.


Our Skilled Virtual Assistants Help You to…

Avoid Burnout, Over Exertion, and Costly Administrative Costs.

Invest more time and resources into scaling your business and serving your customers.

What is the commitment to start?

Weekly Subscription at $10 per hour, 10 hours per week = $100 per week

+ One-time $50 processing fee, and you can cancel anytime*

Only $150

How can My Freedom Virtual Assistant Help?

Your dedicated West African Virtual Assistant can help with many administrative tasks. 

Mental Health Intake Assessment

Client Follow-up and Outreach Calls

Email Response

Creating Progress Notes and Reports

Claims and Billing


Record Keeping and Database Management