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How is My Freedom VA different?

Why the West African Labor Force?

West African Social Work or Mental Health Graduate Virtual Assistants

My Freedom VA offers opportunities for self-sufficiency and inclusion for West African Social Work and Mental Health Graduates to address the lack of economic opportunity, often resulting in exclusion from the labor force for those graduates. Simultaneously, we provide economically smart and equitable solutions to mental health professionals and non-profit start-ups to grow and scale their services.

Our customers benefit from a highly skilled professional labor force available during traditional and non-traditional working hours at a fraction of the costs. West African Virtual Assistants are service-oriented, highly motivated professionals looking to assist you with your business needs to earn more financial freedom, relevant industry experience, and exposure.

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Why West African Virtual Assistants?

West African post-secondary degree attainment is one of the highest ethnic groups within the continent of Africa, as well as the US. The strong work ethic and success rate within this population are insurmountable, with a growing number of West African college graduates majoring in Social Work or other service-oriented fields. 

My Freedom VA seeks to create viable employment opportunities for West African graduates to extend the bandwidth of their current skill sets. Moreover, creating employment opportunities that correlate with service industries and social work. West African college graduates can earn a livable wage while assisting practitioners in the US to grow and scale their practice and/or organizational vision.

How can My Freedom Virtual Assistant Help?

Your dedicated West African Virtual Assistant can help with many administrative tasks. 

Mental Health Intake Assessment

Client Follow-up and Outreach Calls

Email Response

Creating Progress Notes and Reports

Claims and Billing


Record Keeping and Database Management