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Move your practice forward with mental health virtual assistants.

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Do you have:

  • Oustanding clinical documentation
  • Insurance claims waiting to be processed
  • Emails piling up
  • Progress notes that need to be completed
  • Marketing & Advertisement
  • EOBs

Delegate these tasks to a highly qualified mental health virtual assistant and have the peace of mind that comes with a trusted team member.

Move Your Practice Forward with Mental Health Virtual Assistants.

Our HIPPA-certified mental health virtual assistants work with therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists from solo practictioners to large group practices, and are highly trainable to use your EHR platform.

Intake & Scheduling Tasks

  • Input client's information into the EHR system
  • Send intake paperwork
  • Check client's eligibility
  • Collect insurance information
  • Input insurance information into the EHR
  • Complete Authorizations

Insurance & Billing Tasks

  • Entering in EOBs
  • Fixing billing issues & resubmitting claims
  • Communicating with insurance company
  • Send Superbills and invoices
  • Check claim status in Availity
  • Complete Cash Velocity Reports

Hire My Freedom Mental Health Virtual Assistants.

All of Our Mental Health Virtual Assistants are billed at $10.00 an hour and start as low as $10.00 an hour.

Why Choose My Freedom?

Our Mental Health Virtual Assistants Can Transform Your Practice.

Starts at $10.00/hr.

No Fees. No Contracts. Pays as you go. Work within your budget.

Flash Fast.

Hire a Mental Health Virtual Assistant within 72-hours.

Start with One.

You have th flexiblity to start with one Mental Health Virtual Assistant and scale to ten.

Top 10% of Talent.

All candidates go through in-depth training. We select top 10% talent with skill and initiative.

Powered by Data Tracking.

All Mental Health Virtual Assistants are tracked on AI tracking systems to ensure you are getting the ouput you desire.

Trusted by Awesome Clients

“My Virtual Assistant, Elohor, has been God Sent. She has helped me significantly in decreasing the amount of time it take me to complete my progress notes.”

Jerrell Evans, LPC
Independent Contractor

“Dominic is a hard worker and sees tasks all the way through. I really appreciate all of his assistance.”

Bryan Haggart, LCSW
Dash Health Counseling & Consulting, PLLC

“My virtual assistant, Toluwanimi, has helped me significantly in getting claims submitted and also working with insurance companies in regards to denied claims. She has been instrumental in the growth of the agency.”

Portia Webb
Office Manager
GRO Community

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Step 2: Conduct an Interview

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Step 3: Official On-Boarding

Meet with your new virtual assistant to begin the on-boarding process.

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