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episode 16: The Lighted Pathway To Success w/ Dr Julie Gray
May 21, 2024

Description of the Podcast

On this episode of the MyFreedom Podcast, we sat down with Psychotherapist, Dr Julie Gray
for an insightful conversation covering her life, career, and profession.

Dr Julie is a professional with over 20 years of experience working in the mental health space,
with her work leading her to become a Licensed Clinical Worker, Supervisor, and Director for
various institutions and eventually leading her to start her own private practice specializing in
helping individuals dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety, and more.

In this episode, Dr Gray shares personal stories about the path that led her to her current work,
her motivation to help the people in her community and beyond.

Anyone looking to start their own private practices should listen closely to her genuine insights
into what it means to run a business centered around social work. And when we say genuine, we
mean genuine. She addresses doubts that many may have about running her practice alongside
other work, the struggles in growing her client base, and the necessary sacrifices required when
building something of your own.

This is a must-listen episode and for those looking for gems, you’ll definitely find them here.

You can see more here:


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