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episode17: From A Seed, Into A Tree Of Life w/ Dr Lorri Glass
May 28, 2024

Description of the Podcast

On this episode of the MyFreedom Podcast, there are not many words that could possibly
describe our latest guest, professor, and social work coordinator – Dr. Lorri Glass.

Dr. Lorri is a woman of incredible experience when it comes to mental health work. From mental
health assessments to clinical supervision, to workshops and training, she has seen and done it
all in this space over her 30+ year career.

On the podcast, she shares her wisdom and experience on the creation of her mental health
private practice – Tree Of Life. During this, she highlights key areas for anyone looking to start
their own practice and have success as an entrepreneur – connections, network, social capital, and more.

You’ll get to learn more about her journey into social work starting from her upbringing, through
to education and entering the career field – both teaching and practicing. You feel the passion in
every word she speaks as she talks about why she does what she does. The importance of
making real change in the world, especially as a black woman.

She has had a storied career and if there’s one thing you will leave the episode with it’s
inspiration to make the most of your life, career, and business.

You can follow more of Dr Lorri Glass here:


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