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episode 18: Know Better, Do Better, Choose Better w/ A. Maurice Harvey
June 04, 2024

Description of the Podcast

On this episode of the MyFreedom Podcast, we had one of our most awe-inspiring
conversations to date with A. Maurice Harvey – therapist and entrepreneur who has been doing
incredible work out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Maurice is the founder of Black Male Therapists Of Charlotte, as well as the owner of Choose
BETTER 4 U, is a company offering counseling and support to help the local community and
beyond to access better resources for mental health.

As you can imagine, such a powerful work would undoubtedly have powerful stories behind it. A.
Maurice Harvey shares all in this episode – from what led him into the therapy profession, his
personal experiences of being in his community, and seeing what was needed in terms of mental
health resources.

As well as his ‘why’ for the work he and his company have done, he highlights many of the things
he has done in his community such as youth talks and workshops as well as special events
bringing mental health professionals and members of the community together to collaborate and
support each other in an effort to all be better and do better.

For anyone looking to start their own private practice, if there’s anything you will learn from this
conversation it’s the importance of community for whatever you are trying to do. The community was
essential for much of A. Maurice Harvey’s work and he makes a special effort to mention the
people who helped him along the way.

We can all gain some wisdom from his story and lessons and trust us, there are a lot of them
that he shares here.

You can follow Maurice’s work here:


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