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Episode 12: Entrepreneurship Is A Pathway To Healing w/ Priscilla Huley
April 23, 2024

Description of the Podcast

On this episode of the My Freedom Podcast, we sat down with Priscilla Huley. Priscilla is an
incredibly accomplished therapist with years of experience in the profession which she has
pivoted into her own private practice – Pathways to Healing Therapeutic Services which offers
mental health services to adults, children, couples, and families in Chicago.

Priscilla goes into detail about what brought her to be a counselor and therapist as well as
goes into detail about her business and the everyday challenges she faces in being an
entrepreneur and offering her clinical services to the people in her community and outside her

In this episode, you’ll hear heartfelt and genuine stories about the experiences she’s had in her
work as a therapist, what has kept her going as a business owner, and important advice she has
learned about what it means to run a business in this space.

Priscilla made sure to leave no stone unturned as she gave us everything we need to learn
about niches, marketing to target markets, useful software we may need, the importance of
mentors and other important information that you might never have thought you needed about
sustaining and growing a successful company until you listen to this full conversation.

If you are thinking about starting your own private practice, this is a must-listen. We’re confident
you’ll be excited to take your work to the next level business-wise after hearing this. Tell us if
we’re wrong.

You can see more of Priscilla and Pathways To Healing here:


If you’re looking to grow your mental health private practice and want to delegate tasks to
maximize your efficiency, make sure you get in contact with us for mental health virtual assistant
services – www.getfreedomva.com

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