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Episode 1: What’s The TRUE Cost of Freedom?
January 29, 2024

Description of the Podcast

Description of the Podcast
The journey to success and delightful starts with one step. For many, this is your first step to

In this introduction to the My Freedom podcast, listen to the host Aaron Mallory speak on his
own journey into becoming a mental health professional while transitioning away from his
background in electrical engineering.

Through his story you’ll understand more about his deep passion for his cause for helping
people in his community, especially as a Black male. You’ll hear his need for filling a necessary
void for mentorship to individuals struggling with their mental health in the inner city and the
opportunities that came from it.

You’ll also get to learn how work in his space has helped him to learn more, to understand how
business works and has brought him to this point of starting this podcast for the goal of inspiring
and informing others interested starting their own mental health private practices.

Aaron’s story is an inspiring one filled with experience and wisdom which is the perfect backdrop
for all the insightful conversations to come with like minded and high achieving individuals in the
episodes to come.

This is only the beginning. We have the power to change the lives of many, let’s make it count.
If you’re looking to grow your mental health private practice and want to delegate tasks to
maximize your efficiency, make sure you get in contact with us for mental health virtual assistant
services – www.getfreedomva.com

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