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Episode 9: On A Mission To Dash Health w/ Bryan Haggard
April 02, 2024

Description of the Podcast

On this episode of the MyFreedom Podcast, we had an in-length conversation with the
inspirational Bryan Haggard, social worker and innovator in his space when it comes to
mindfulness and spirituality, especially as he combines his with his experiences of everyday

Bryan is the Founder of Dash Health Counselling and Consulting PLCC, a Chicago-based
therapy practice aiming to help individuals in his community and beyond to truly find themselves
and embrace their authenticity as they step out into the wider world.

Part of his work centers on creating therapeutic and holistic experiences for his clients
dealing with trauma, addiction, and more. He talks about his work in depth in the episode as
well as explaining his mission and what brought him to do social work.

Through his listen you’ll be sure to understand what running a virtual private practice is about
which is something you may be interested in doing yourself. Bryan in detail talks about the good and
the bad to what it truly means to be an entrepreneur in this space and he brings full
transparency to the conversation which every listener will be able to benefit from.

This is an episode filled with gems and advice and is easily one of the more refreshing
discussions you’ll hear this year.

You can follow Dash Health here:


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