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Episode 3: Let’s Get Real About Money and Social Work.
February 13, 2024

Description of the Podcast

On this episode of the MyFreedom Podcast, the host Aaron Mallory pulled a chair up to have an
important and real conversation about money and social work, a topic close to his heart due to
the narrative that despite what people go through as a professional in the space, some have
that social workers aren’t supposed to make serious profit from their social work.

Through his own experiences and the hard lessons from others, Aaron challenges the mindset
of social work and business and emphasizes the fact that the two things can coincide and
individuals can thrive in a business sense and in the same token, help others and their
communities through their work too.

As a professional in this space, there must always be a purpose behind the work but as Aaron
touches on in this episode, at the end of the day looking after yourself is key and there is
nothing wrong in striving for more and going for your worth. It should be normalized
because it allows for better and more sustainable work, as well as creates opportunity for others
to benefit also in terms of being able to employ paid staff.

This is a must-listen for anyone interested in starting and growing their private practices but are
held back from doing so by fear or the expectations of others to not place importance on striving
to earn more from their work through business and entrepreneurship.

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