Why Does The Western World Outsource Services And Manufacturing To Africa 
January 27, 2024

In today’s global market, many businesses are actively engaged in manufacturing products overseas, primarily in countries like China and Taiwan. Outsourcing has become a common practice for various industries, including computer science, telecommunications, and virtual assistant services. However, it is disheartening to see that the Western world has largely neglected to outsource to the vast continent of Africa. This blog aims to shed light on the untapped economic opportunities in Africa and discuss what needs to be done for the Western world to start investing in the continent. 

Made In Africa: The Untapped Potential 

Africa, with its abundant natural resources and growing labor force, presents a vast untapped potential for outsourcing and investment. Africa has not received much attention from the Western world as a location for outsourcing and manufacturing, despite its promising prospects. There are several reasons for this, including misconceptions, a lack of infrastructure, and inadequate awareness of the economic opportunities that the continent holds. 

Misconceptions About Africa 

One of the main reasons why the world doesn’t outsource to Africa is because of the prevalent misconceptions surrounding the continent. Africa is often associated with poverty, political instability, and underdevelopment. These misconceptions create a negative perception that hampers companies’ willingness to invest in the region. However, it is crucial to recognize that Africa is a diverse continent with immense potential and rapidly growing economies. 

Lack of Infrastructure 

Another significant barrier to outsourcing to Africa is the lack of adequate infrastructure in many regions. Infrastructure, such as reliable transportation networks, stable power supplies, and advanced communication systems, is essential for businesses to operate efficiently. Without robust infrastructure, it becomes challenging for companies to establish a reliable supply chain and meet production demands.

Limited Awareness of Economic Opportunities 

The Western world’s limited awareness of the economic opportunities in Africa also plays a significant role in the lack of outsourcing to the continent. Many businesses are simply unaware of the potential benefits and advantages that investing in Africa can bring. This lack of awareness prevents them from exploring the possibilities and discovering the untapped talent and resources that exist in African countries. 

The African Economic Prospects 

Numerous business prospects are available in Africa that are just waiting to be explored. The Western world may profit economically from outsourcing and investment on the continent while also assisting in the expansion and advancement of African countries. Let’s look at a few of the major business prospects that Africa presents: 

Plenty of Natural Resources 

Minerals, oil, and gas are among the many natural resources found in abundance in Africa. The world’s natural resource riches are mostly concentrated on this continent. By using these resources, businesses may acquire a competitive edge and guarantee a steady supply of raw materials. 

A Workforce that is Young and Growing 

With its youthful and vibrant workforce and expanding population, Africa offers enormous commercial potential. By outsourcing to Africa, businesses have access to a talent pool of people willing to offer their knowledge and skills. This young workforce has the potential to provide new perspectives, creativity, and productivity. 

New Markets for Consumer Goods 

Africa is seeing a boom in consumer demand due to a growing middle class and increased urbanization. Businesses may tap into these developing consumer markets and increase their client base by making investments in Africa. This offers businesses a fantastic chance to expand their income streams and forge a significant presence in the African market. 

A Welcoming Investment Environment 

Many African nations are making significant efforts to enhance their business environments and attract outside investment. Governments are putting laws and programs into place to encourage investment, cut red tape, and foster an advantageous business environment. These initiatives, along with the huge potential of the continent, make it a desirable location for outsourcing and investment.

Construction of Infrastructure 

Africa is making great progress in infrastructure development, despite certain parts still having infrastructure issues. Governments and international organizations are funding the construction of roads, ports, power plants, and telecommunications networks. organizations. These infrastructure upgrades boost connection and foster an atmosphere that is more favorable to enterprises running efficiently. 


Africa, with its vast potential and untapped resources, presents a significant opportunity for the world to outsource and invest. By overcoming misconceptions, improving infrastructure, and increasing awareness of economic opportunities, the Western world can tap into Africa’s growing markets and contribute to the continent’s development. It is time to recognize the value of “Made in Africa” and explore the untapped potential that the continent holds.