Stepping Out On Faith 
August 20, 2023

Embarking on the extraordinary journey of starting your own mental health private practice requires an audacious leap of faith. It encompasses a colossal challenge, as you confront the looming fear of bidding farewell to the security of a predictable paycheck and the comfortable solace it affords. Moreover, this venture demands that you wholeheartedly rely on your own prowess to construct a thriving enterprise and carve your path to financial triumph. They can present a variety of things: 

Anxiety– Like a roaring lion, it prowls in the depths of your mind, taunting you with endless “what ifs” and casting doubts upon your every step. 

Stress– A relentless taskmaster, it tightens its grip around your heart, reminding you of the challenges and sacrifices that await. 

Fear-A formidable adversary, it lurks in the shadows, whispering tales of failure and catastrophe, tempting you to retreat to the safety of familiarity. 

Procrastination– A cunning saboteur, it slyly nudges you towards delay, convincing you that tomorrow holds more promise than today. 

This incredible journey may be accompanied by a mix of emotions, including anxiety, stress, fear, and even bouts of procrastination. 

Yet, fear not, for I have my hard-earned insights and battle-tested recommendation from my perspective on how to navigate and flourish in the process of building your private practice: 

Seize the power of multitasking: If you’re currently employed full-time, why not begin building your practice on the side? Embrace the evenings and weekends, where you can start seeing clients and gradually establish a solid client base. By doing so, you’re ensuring a smooth transition while you maintain a source of income. 

Work At Places That Will Help You in Building Your Practice: Two of the most important jobs I had was working at a Community Mental Health Center where I learned how to do Medicaid billing and a community organization where I learned how to do cognitive behavioral therapy for at-risk inner city males. The skills I learned I incorporated into my practice. Be intentional about where you work and use the skills learned to put back into your business.

Have a Nest Egg Saved Up: Before you step out of your practice full time have some money saved up. To make money you have to spend money. Be intentional about saving money so that you can also be pouring back into your business. 

The Guiding Hands Of A Mentor: Seek out a mentor who has successfully trodden the path you now venture upon. Their wisdom, insights, and support will prove indispensable in navigating the complexities of building your private practice. With a mentor by your side, you’ll find the guidance and encouragement needed to forge ahead. 

Carve your Niche, Captivate Your Audience: When you have a specific population of clients you want to work with it allows you the ability to stand out. Don’t be that generic private practice that helps everyone. Though you can do well this way and many people are successful with it, when you know the type of audience you want and they know you are an expert you will have an audience you are passionate about working with. 

Faith as Your Unwavering Beacon: In my own journey, I anchored myself in unwavering faith in a higher power. Trusting that divine guidance was leading me toward establishing my practice, I forged ahead fearlessly. Allow your faith to be the unwavering compass that guides you, steadfast in the belief that doors will open, opportunities will arise, and success will manifest as you navigate the path toward building your private practice. 

Believe in yourself, dear trailblazer! You possess the tenacity, passion, and resilience to transform your dreams into reality. Step out on faith, embrace the unknown, and watch as your mental health practice flourishes into a beacon of healing and hope for those who seek your expertise. You have the power to make this extraordinary journey your own.